Too Many Dinner Partiers

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Fuck Shit Piss: Performance

On the opening night of the 27th of June, a performance will take place in 126 gallery at at 8.30.

Five Ways to Say Your Prayers


Each weekend over the course of Five Ways to Say Your Prayers, events and activities will be taking place in response to the work in the exhibition.

28/29 June 2013
Anne-Marie Dillon: Does art grow in the rural?
Anne-Marie Dillon, artist and activist, lives and works in a small coastal village in Co Down, Northern Ireland, surrounded by sea, fields and a large British Army camp.
The cinema caravan, a project together with young people and her open community centre with seating in the public, put together once a week with pensioners, are examples of provocative and relevant art in the (rural) public. Her talk will focus on her socially engaged art practice and experience of working with a diverse community in a village context.

5/6th July 2013
Julie Miller: Art as acts of kindness.
Performances and gestures as gifts and acts of kindness are a central theme in Julie Miller’s work. Adopting formats and rituals from religion, she often applies inherent social demands in her activities which mostly happen in the public and beyond a gallery context.
Julie Miller tests the role of the artist in society and the mutual relationship between the producer and receiver, proposing a new economy, both in art and in real life.

12/13 July 2013
Ruth Morrow: Art as spatial practice.
As architect, academic and curatorial adviser, Ruth Morrow shows research into various off-site projects of PS², underlining the importance of multidisciplinary approaches. Can the ‘situations’ installed in this exhibition be seen as spatial practice, as architecture without the building? And what is built instead?

19/20th July 2013
PS² / Peter Mutschler: Ping Pong
What art and for whom? Peter Mutschler, artist and reluctant curator of PS² is interested in art and cultural practices which can play a role in our society and provoke critical debate.
Within the constant struggle between autonomy and social obligation of contemporary art, he thinks in terms of a complete transfusion of art and life. Does art need a pedestal and its own space or can it happen everywhere?

Galway Arts Festival Opening Night

On the 15th of July each curatorial project will have special events taking place to celebrate the opening of the Galway Arts Festival 2013. Please check our Facebook page for more details closer to the date!

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