The Lost Runway



You are warmly invited to attend The Lost Runway, a residency by Áine Phillips at the Stanley Picker Gallery, Kingston, London.

16th February to 20th February with live public performance at 2pm on Saturday 20th February 2010.

The Lost Runway is a collection of sculptural costumes dedicated to lost and missing girls, created during the residency in the Stanley Picker Gallery and publicly presented at a final runway show performance. Each costume is a live personal monument worn for a lost girl and embodies the story of her life and identity in a visual, sculptural and performative way.

Using the conventions of a fashion show format, The Lost Runway becomes an ideological space where beauty and desire are more urgent for their link with loss and longing. Each lost girl represented is memorialized and endowed with power and presence. The work is a testimonial to lost lives and the life-long seeking of their friends and families. The work gives public form to, and performs private memory in the service of human freedom and the right to the protection of life.


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