“Pace” Annual Members Exhibition

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Engage Art Studio are delighted to present their annual members exhibition. This year’s exhibition entitled “Pace” will be part of the Clifden Arts Festival 2013 and will run from the 19th-30th September.

“Pace” will be curated by Engage board member Shelly McDonnell who has chosen the idea of time and perception of time as a theme for the show. This came to her having heard a sound recording made by the theatre director Robert Wilson. Wilson recorded a large number of crickets and then slowed down the recording by the ratio of the human life span to that of the crickets (crickets live approx. 21 days, humans approx. 70 years). What is heard is the song of crickets as if they lived as long as humans. The recording is not enhanced or manipulated in any way, only slowed down. A simple observation and intervention, playing with time.


Clifden Arts Festival is the longest running community arts festival in Ireland and is now in it’s 36th year. It is a great celebration of the Arts which also includes poetry readings, lectures, recitals, traditional music, concerts, comedy, etc. all enjoyed in a wonderful relaxed atmosphere in one of the most beautiful places on the West Coast.

Engage Art Studios is kindly supported by The Arts Council of Ireland and Galway City Council.

Opening night: 19th September @ 6.30pm 20th – 30th Sept. 11am – 6pm

Joan Sugrue

Image by Joan Sugrue

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