Annual Engage Members Exhibition 2014

126 Artist Run Gallery © Kerry Guinan and Engage Art Studios are delighted to present the Annual Engage Members Exhibition opening on Galway Cuture Night 2014. The exhibition is curated by Austin Ivers who attempts to answer the question:
          What is a group studio for? 
If you want to make stuff, you can find a corner in a room. If you want to chat, you  can go down the pub. If you want to meet people, you can go rambling. But if you  want to operate with the benefits of a creative atmosphere, you better get yourself  down to the studio. Over the last 10 years, Engage Art Studios has consistently proven itself to be one  of the best studios in the country. We can assess this by looking at the caliber of the artists applying, by where they end up moving on to and by what they do. Engage is not a place in town in which to dump your stuff. It’s a place serious makers come to make art in.
The kind of people who apply are generally young but always ambitious, such is the reputation of the Studio. There is always a waiting list. It’s not cheap but all the money goes into the activities of the studio. The fact that it’s been growing for 10 years is evidence of rude health, not just of Engage but of the expanded artist-led in Galway and Ireland.
This show cannot be referred to as an exhibition in the usual sense. Very few of the works are finished. Instead, this is a snapshot of Engage at the present time, a show consisting of sketches, works in progress and doodles. But the vigour and strength  of the studio is here.”
- Austin D.H. Ivers
The exhibition will feature art work by Cillian Boyd, Peter Bradley, Aileen Conroy, Cecilia Danell, Brid Egan, Ashleigh Ellis, Noelle Gallagher, Levi Hanes, Brian Loughran, Fiona Hession, Eimear Jean McCormack, Christina Mullan, Nuala Ni Fhlathuin, Angela O’Brien, Vicky Smith, Louise Spokes.
The Exhibition will open at 6pm, in 126 Artist Run Gallery © Kerry Guinan on Friday 19th September as part of Culture Night 2014. It runs until Sunday 12th October.
126 © Kerry Guinan is open Monday to Friday 12pm-6pm, Saturday and Sunday 11am-6pm.
Engage Art Studios and 126 Artist Run Gallery © Kerry Guinan  would like to acknowledge the support of The Arts Council of Ireland, Galway City Council and Kerry Guinan.