Paul Malone is a visual artist working and living in Galway. Erosion, magnetism, and gravity are some of the forces that shape Paul’s art. Rather than painting the landscape Paul engages directly with the environment, using found materials to create textures and pigments. He is interested in the connection between the influence of the physical forces on the environment and the seemingly unrelated process by which human thoughts are formed. In the romantic tradition of landscape painting, thoughts are disembodied. The observer is outside the environment. In his work, by contrast, Paul sees thoughts, about the painting and about the environment that produced it, as forming patterns which are created by physical forces and chemical reactions that are rooted in the body. Paul refers to this type of work as ‘scipressionism’ because of the way he uses and studies physical processes to create visual art.chaos-red-1 sea-action-on-sand-8355 wave-action