Ilaria Pellizzaro

Born in Italy, Ilaria is based in Galway since 2014. Her work is very much connected to the
materials including fabrics, threads and fibers used in combination with other mediums and
These elements represent her origins and her essential environment. Through them she
communicates her states of mind and aesthetic views.
Coming from an industrialised background her focus is on putting her experience and
knowledge into her creations, concentrating on the development of a sustainable way of
living and working, considering different aspects such as alternative raw materials, natural
dyes and the use of components that are considered “waste” as a resource for her
In Ireland she works as a costume maker and coherently with the Slow Fashion Movement
ideas, which is an inspiration for her own visual art and a source of the ethical values she
wants to communicate.
Nowadays there is a rising awareness of the fashion industry world, and her work is rooted
in the questioning of her role in this process.
After getting a diploma in textile engineering at the I.T.I.S.V.E.M. in Valdagno, she
specialised in pattern making and has worked in the fashion field since. In 2012 she
attended the Art programme at the U. Boccioni Institute of Art, and she is a member of
Galway Print studio since 2016.


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